One liners on a topic you love, twice a day!

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Hey Guys, Me and my friend Karthik Kannan made this app because we loved to send each other small one liners to keep each other motivated, and at times just for fun. We realised there may be many more out there who would love to receive these small one lines, be it for motivation, education or just for fun. The idea was to keep it as unobtrusive as possible, hence we show you the one line right on your notifications bar itself so you don't need to open the app to see it. We think it's a nifty idea and the feedback has been great so far. Would love to know what the rest of you think and what can be done to improve the experience? Cheers, Karthik
It's funny how something so simple can be so useful in our daily lives. Good idea!
@donte_ll Haha I know right. Thanks!
This looks really good. Apps like this bother me when you have to open the app to view the whole quote, so it's nice that you fit it all into the push notification :)
@marsh931 Hey Alex, thanks. Yes, we were very clear about the fact that the entire thing should be available on the lock screen or notification tab itself. We didn't want the app to be intrusive. So in a way we don't want the users to open our app. Sounds illogical right? ;)
@karthik_mahadevan Haha it's very illogical but I'm not complaining😄
Reminds me of the Slack bot, Humblebot which sends one encouraging/thoughtful note each day.
@rrhoover That's awesome! We were aiming for a more unobtrusive experience by being able to slip in these lil doses of motivation (and other fun stuff) without interrupting the users much. So ideally a user would never need to open the app.
A simple, but necessary app. Nice work, guys!
@vikas_potta Thanks Vikas, I like the way you defined it. ;)