1Do Today

Ditch your todo list and do what most important consistently

Have too much to do everyday, often seem to miss what’s most important?
Meet 1Do Today: it’s what you’d get if Todoist and Seinfeld and Twitter had a baby.
Most people overestimate what they can do in one day, and underestimate what they can do in a year.
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Hi ProductHunt, I’m excited to finally show 1Do Today to you all. It’s an app born out of a crazy idea of what if you’d have only one task a day on your to-do list, but this one be meaningful and consistently executed every.single.day ? If you know what compounding can do in investing, you can imagine how you could invest in your future; should you only do something every single day to get closer to it. So I built this app for my personal use, but I’m thrilled to share it with the world, and get your feedback. 1Do is for all of us: Do ➤ share ➤ praise and support each other ➤ see your growing Achievement chain ➤ feel AWESOME! 1Do is like a twitter for action. An app to apply the single-tasking philosophy. Focus on what's important & visualize progress, and motivate you to keep on track. It’s where productivity meets the compound effect meets social. Enlist the support of your network. Harness the power of social accountability to keep you on track, when publicly sharing your progress on the Public Feed or your Social Network of choice. Get your friends to cheer for you. ✔ Limited choice sharpens focus. Do the ONE Thing ✔ STOP Procrastination. Use Loss Aversion to your benefit. ✔ Seeing progress = progressing to success. ✔ Harness the power of the Compound Effect. ✔ Always finish your entire to-do list. It's just one MIT each day. Anyone can do it! To keep you on track towards your dream, it bugs you daily for your MIT (Most Important Thing), then rewards you with eye-candy showing your ever increasing progress and that feeling of accomplishment! End goal is to “Relearn to live life to the fullest! Enabling people to live relaxed and productive lives, feel fulfilled, all while achieving success after success toward being our best selves”. 1Do is built For the pleasure of Achievement ➠Satisfaction and that Accomplishment feeling! Always finish your entire to-do list. It's just one MIT each day. Anyone can do it! ➠Consistency and compounding ➠Motivation and positive feedback that creates a virtuous cycle What can you use it for? 👍Want to show your boss what you’ve done over the year - download your achievements and all attached comments for the month in a beautiful report 👍Struggling with your todo lists? Want to always see clearly what’s now, what’s next and avoid work overwhelm? - use 1do 👍Do you Like to keep it simple? Love clarity? - use 1do 👍Do you want to Start a habit? Work daily towards your dreams? - use 1do 👍Do you want to Overcome a lack of motivation and willpower - tiny, easy actions daily that deliver - use 1do WARNING: 1Do is very different. This is not another to-do app, nor does it try to replace them. It was born to help people who like me, are different and need to focus on what's important. Every day! Its purpose is to drive you and keep you motivated to actually do your priorities consistently to build your Future, rather than managing tasks. So what is 1Do? -It’s the reminder to ask yourself “What can I do today to bring me one step closer to my goal?” -It’s a place where you can get Systematically excellent -Just getting better and better in infinitesimal very small steps which compound. Time will get it very very far -It's a place where you can show-off and share your achievements -Comment, praise and support others and get the same in return It might takes 10 years before you become an overnight sensation "Make bold moves toward your dreams each day, refuse to stop, and nothing can stop you." We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is just a habit. One doesn't need smarts, money or chance to be successful. All one needs is a crystal clear TARGET and sheer PERSEVERANCE. It’s free, so give it a go and enjoy! Any questions, just ask. Also see the FAQ on the homepage. If you really want to go into details and learn about the science behind this, have a look at Detailed landing.
Great feedback! Thank you very much @samesh13 . To address your points: you can login with password OR email code. To switch to password, just go to your profile -> set a password -> deactivate Magic-Link. I was aiming for convenience, your special link can be bookmarked, then you can log in by one click, w/o hassling with passwords (which I tend to always forget 😄 ) 1. thanks 2. if there is anything planned for that day, clicking calendar day will open your task on options; but I see what you mean: could also be used to plan 3. good idea, will look into it 4. karma is based on your activity and performance. Today, it's just counting your Dones. I will add explainer, but also make it more meaningful, like depending on your postpone rate, plans, dones, maximum streak, number of claps/praise you get from other. Any ideas/suggestions? Just let me know 5. braindump is an upcoming feature, depending on the demand I see. It's just a teaser today 😉 6. That's a great idea! Thank you. There are some ideas for upcoming features I collect here https://trello.com/b/jGsz2h5E/1d... .Anyone can suggest and vote. But some of them involve the reminder emails you get. Ability to close action / plan via email. And more. What do you think?
@aditot I see, some interesting features I guess. It's good to see that there is an option to deactivate the magic link. If I manage to get my hands on your link, will I be able to log in? I guess closing stuff by email is pretty handy, you could also add slack integration and maybe a simple mobile app like anyDo. Good luck!
@samesh13 deactivating link: Security, that was the idea. I was aiming to balance the convenience of easy login and on-boarding, but also with the security of a proper password. As you rightly say, if someone gets my link (or key), they can log into my account. Your link can be regenerated though by just de-activating it, and then re-activating. At the end of the day, the user can choose if they prefer security or convenience. Hope this hepls.
@aditot You could also use a token based auth where you store it in the browser storage. If it's available, automatically redirect the user to their dashboard. It will be more convenient because they don't have to log in. This is just an idea to consider! :D
Tried to register to try it - the one click log in link doesn't work.
@talas ooops, that weird, let me look into it. I'll be back
@talas could you help me with more details, please? Is the link in the email not clickable, or you get an error after you click it? Are you behind a proxy or firewall, maybe? You are the only one reporting this problem, and many thanks for letting me know
@talas Tala, I gound the issue, I greatly appreciate you letting me know: it affected other new users too. It's fixed, you can try again if you'd like. Thanks again!
I sadly need to report there was an issue with new user registration, which is now fixed! Is it working for you NOW?
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