Turn your smartphone into a computer.

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1Cable is a smart data sync cable that breaks the limitations on cell phone operating systems by connecting to multiple devices with a single cable through a unique, 2-in-1, male/female switchable connector designed for smartphones. For instance, it can connect your cell phone to a camera to sync photos and videos; it can also connect your cell phone to many other external, expanding devices such as a mouse, a keyboard,a printer or a gaming controller. It can even connect your cell phone to another cell phone that is running out of battery and charge it up. It makes your cell phone work like a computer. Apple’s new MacBook Pro cannot connect to other USB devices because it has only Type C jack. With 1Cables and its unique male/female switchable connector, you can connect your MacBook Pro or MacBook to all other devices, such as iPhones, USB flash drives, portable hard drives, etc. 1Cables makes your MacBook Pro work together with any other peripherals seamlessly with continuity.
One question directly comes to mind: what the hell is OTG? Or whatever the annoying acronym was.
This is pretty cool. Can you connect to an external monitor too?

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