1Blocker X

A fast and secure content blocker for iOS

Fast and secure Safari content blocker that improves browsing experience by blocking unwanted content and protecting you from trackers.

We are legit, deeply care about users’ privacy, can’t track and see what sites you visit.

We think 1Blocker is an essential app for anyone who uses Safari.

The best iOS content blocker app just got a terrific update. It's future proof and can handle an amazing amount of 50K custom rules. It's fast, has support for Partial Whitelist in an upcoming update, has Country-specific rules, has Face/Touch ID protection and is easier to use. Just about perfect.
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Nice job @kahnov & team! I’ve been using the legacy version for quite some time & love it. Do you have any plans to give a discount to users who have previously paid for premium on 1Blocker Legacy?
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@3raxton Unfortunately, there's no special pricing for existing users. However, the app is currently on sale - 30% off for a limited time.
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Great job!! 😊 Will check it out 😊
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I'm a big fan of 1Blocker but can't figure out what is the difference between Legacy and X.
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The developer talks about the differences and why the new one exists here https://backstage.1blocker.com/s...
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