Slack community for anyone with any mental health issue

18percent is a free (always will be) Slack community focused on mental health. Chat with people who are empathetic to what you're going through. Have the chance to help others all while staying anonymous if you choose so.

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Really interesting approach to helping in this space, I read in the news today that in the UK 2 out of 5 doctor appointments now link to mental health issues. Presumably there are similar trends in North America. Are there healthcare professionals in the community to share informed advice? @davidmarkovich_ @zachschleien
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@davidmarkovich_ @abadesi 18percent is purely peer to peer support. We have seen healthcare professionals in 18percent, but they refrain from offering medical advice. However, what is unique is how empathetic people are in 18percent. If you have gone through depression, bi-polar, eating disorder etc. there are people who have also battled these mental illnesses and are willing to listen 24/7 and for free.
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Thank you @nikkielizdemere for hunting us. If anyone is struggling reach out in our community, you'll find someone to speak to 24/7.
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Very amazing efforts. I'm curious - how do you handle any serious issues that come up in the platform?
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@david_feinman great question! We take this very seriously. We have a team of moderators from all over the world and have a slackbot that intervenes by picking up specific words / phrases ie. “I want to die” / “suicide”, which then directs you to the suicide hotline, crisis hotline or international line.
Love this. Mental health is huge.
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@edisonjoao6871 thank you! We’re very excited to help. Mental illness cannot be overlooked as it can impact anyone.
I love the approach that 18% is taking in this space. You don't always need to go to a licensed therapist in order to get the help you need.
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