Host Twitter Q&As in real time.

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Unsurprisingly, I love AMA's and see the potential here. Looking forward to trying it out.
@rrhoover thanks! Let me know if I can help out in anyway =) -- @mcoalson
Hey, @mcoalson! I'd love to know how you're marketing Flawk and how you bring people in that want to answer questions? Any secrets you can share? :)
@rrhoover so currently we spend no money on marketing or ad spend. All reachouts so far have been organic. The pattern we're seeing is that by getting someone with over x twitter followers they usually bring in 1 or 2 people who also have large followings. It's kinda been a domino effect. As for secrets... the power of twitter is amazing =)
Thanks Flawk fellas for the awesome Product Hunt sheep! https://twitter.com/flawkto/stat... He's so darn cute.