Your 16 best Instagram photos of 2016

#16bestof16 is a collection of your best 16 pictures for 2016 based on your Instagram account.

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Perhaps inspired by 2016bestnine. Here's mine:
@rrhoover nice! sure it is, the plan is to add a facebook and spotify integration, that's why there's a subdomain (instagram.16bestof16.photos) :)
No surprise there... mine are mostly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 😊
@nivo0o0 love the shrug tattoo :D
Mine are all tech stuff 🙄
it's almost yet another yearly instagram grid generator, but hey, 16 is better than 9 and it supports private accounts! :^
here is mine :D Boom!
@findabhilash that's a lot of traveling!