Colorful way to track your time! Inspired by Wait But Why

Inspired by a Wait But Why blog post, 144blocks is a fun, simple way to visualize where your time is going every day! By breaking down the day into 10 minute blocks of time, you can easily see whether your time is being spent on work, commuting, or doing something you love. Customize and create your own activities to fill your 144 blocks!

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Finally, someone build a circle planner. I also have an idea for circle planner. It means clock planner . Please try to convert pie chart into clock. Will you try it ?
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@awayland Hi Asher, do you have any sketches for what this may look like? I would love to see a rough idea and that would give me a better indication of how much time it would take to potentially develop it.
@brendanscarano I've email to you. Please check it out.
At first I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Then Bingo 💡! The gamification of not planning my day on a land mine is intriguing. Dope🚬
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@dredurr Thanks! Any suggestions for how I can make it more clear right away and eliminate that confusion completely?
@brendanscarano It is to many emoji options before I get a chance to learn the product. Your main categories are fine, its the many subcategory options that was overwhelming. Especially for a version one. The good thing is it has a minesweeper looker and gaming feel. So it is a challenge to learn quickly.
@dredurr Thanks for the feedback! I'll look to possibly update the design so it's not so overwhelming at first.
I wanted to do this in 5-min slots and call it Elon!
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Nice idea! Did you get inspired by Elon Musk's 5 min slots? 🙂
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👋 Hi PH! I'm Brendan, the creator of 144blocks. I stumbled on the Wait Buy Why article, "100 Blocks a Day" a few months ago, and the idea of breaking down your day into 10 minute blocks of time really stuck with me. I'm constantly looking to find new ways to see where my time is going, and I felt like this was a great solution so I wanted to build it for myself, and to share with others. I hope you enjoy seeing where your blocks of time are going!