The best of Twitter 🐦 Printed

140Books is the best of Twitter printed. A collection of beautifully designed photo-books showcasing the best of Twitter from celebrities to business titans.

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Would be a must-buy coffee table book for me if it were under $25, dope idea though!
I got the idea for this from Ryan Hoover's comment on my last product. I decided before writing all the code to allow people to create custom photo books of their own Twitter memories, I would test and see if anyone was interested in buying some of the best Twitter had to offer.
@dannyaziz97 Would be fun to purchase this for specific accounts. Please let me know when you decide to do this!
Very funny idea but it's a little bit expansive in my point of view for "just" a copy/paste of tweets. It could be a cool gift I think.
@rviolleau Hey Romain, I've taken on board what you and others have said and have dropped the price of the Donald Trump books from $49.99 to $45 and all other books from $45 to $39.99. Also to clarify the books are not screenshots from Twitter (Which would be horrible printed out anyway) I've taken the tweet information and created a custom design so that it looks great on the 170gsm gloss paper. Thanks for your feedback!
@dannyaziz97 Hi Danny, thank you for your reply and consideration! Good luck for your business ;)
Hey great idea for a fun gift! The price tag is a bit high though in my opinion. Also it is not clear how many tweets are in each book.
@gflandre Thanks a lot. I've just dropped the price of the Donald Trump books from $49.99 to $45 and all other books from $45 to $39.99. Each book contains 20 Tweets (Apart from the Donald Trump: Hypocrisy book which contains 11 Tweets and 9 news headlines)
Paper trumps screen!