Unlimited coffee club (Nashville only)

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Restricted to Nashville right now, this looks like an awesome way to have access to coffee whenever you need it, and supporting local shops to boot.
$70 pricepoint feels too high to me - At $2 (Starbucks small black coffee), that's more than one per day. Realistic usage for a user is 1-2x a business day, so 20-40 uses, max. Entry pricing should be low to entice users onto the platform - coffee shops will likely be thrilled to get more top-of-funnel. As a Vanderbilt alum, students have a tendency to load up on other food at these coffee shops, especially if they hunker down for a few hours to study
@ngoel36 yeah we are reducing prices soon :) We decided to start fair and reduce later as opposed to starting low and having to increase later.
I wish Philz had an unlimited coffee subscription. 😀☕️ cc @jacobjaber
Kinda reminds me of CUPS...including the 4-digit passcode. :-/
@pe_feeds We are removing the 4-digit passcode shortly, direct POS integration FTW! The passcode was just for the MVP.
@jordan gotcha. Wouldn't that take longer to scale though because coffee shops have different POS systems? That's why CUPS is staying with the 4-digit unique passcode, as far as I know... Just curious. I also agree that the price point is a bit high, was that from feedback from the coffee shops?
@pe_feeds correct. Which is why we started with the basic code for the MVP. It's more efficient up front, but we want to create a seamless ordering/reporting process in the long run. There are quite a number of POS' in use, but we're up for the challenge if it makes the ordering experience more effective. We are all about the right experience.
@jordan Gotcha. Good luck!! I also know the INCITE TN fund is looking to invest its last amounts of $ in TN startups so check that out. (Learned about it through 36|86.)
@pe_feeds cool cool thanks for the heads up on INCITE! However we are good on capital for quite some time :) Cheers
Very cool - what are your plans to grow beyond Nashville? Do you have any other markets in mind?