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Hey there and thanks @se for hunting! 12K FILTER is a collection of algorithmically curated newsletters on several tech topics like AI, VR/AR and Cybersecurity. We crawl the world’s leading tech media sources once a day and send up to 5 articles on every subscribed topic right to your inbox. Let me know if you have any questions.
Is it possible to add my own topics, like transportation?
Thanks @abarba. We started with a small selection of our favorite topics but we’re happy to add more topics. Right now we focus on a few topics that are so crowded that it makes sense to send a daily email. The transportation field is covered partly by the Future of Driving topic, check it out, hope there is already some interesting content for you.
That looks really cool! I just subscribed to Artificial Intelligence, Better Reality, Digital Entertainment, and Media & Ads. Can you tell us a bit more how the algorithmic curation works, @jtthede?
Thanks @einkoenig! The article selection is based on several criteria like topic fit, fact density, article length, article diversity and expert shares. Additionally we try to blacklist irrelevant article types like “the hottest cybermonday deals”... But we constantly work on improving the selection algorithm so let us know which kind of articles you’d like to get.
@jtthede are there any humans involved at this point checking out what lands in the letters to alter or improve the selection?
@passingnotes @jtthede Hi David, the selection and ranking happens automatically. For quality checks we still have the possibility to flag not wanted articles before, e.g. if really spammy articles are coming up that are not captured by our classification yet.
Wow, awesome!
thanks @thinker ! an AI that writes as entertaining newsletter as yours will be the much harder task :)
@jtthede haha! The human element seems like it'd be hard to replicate. I guess I won't start worrying about my job... for now :p
Hei! Super-impressed with the quality of the content. Any plans for offering RSS-feed ?
Hey @revesjef! Good idea, it's on our feature-list but we plan to add other features like weekly editions for less-crowded topics earlier. But if you like to integrate a feed to http://capsule.fm we could get it done next week 📻