Make money for 12 minutes of your time.

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@_jacksmith We chose 12 minutes because that's about the length of a short conversation and 4 slots fit into an hour with time for bathroom break in between. People can buy consecutive slots and we make their 12ish one long call. @muldster Yes, our intention is to create a broad marketplace where people can charge anything from $1 to thousands (thinking about celebrities raising money for charity here) per 12-minute slot.
@colinmathews - I just realized you're using Amazon Payments. Why not PayPal? I assume few use the former.
Hi! I am one of the co-founders of 12ish. 12ish lets you make money by talking about the things you love. Set a weekly schedule and a price, and people can book a phone call with you. Both your phone and theirs ring at the scheduled time and 12ish bridges them privately for precisely 12.5 minutes. Payment is collected automatically and delivered to you minus our fees. Sometimes you have questions that you don't even know how to put into words. 12ish lets you have in-depth conversations with people (called "12vers") to tap their knowledge. For example, the other day I had a complicated Google Analytics question and would have loved to just talk briefly with an expert. On a different note, one of my close friends had a years-long battle with infertility. She’s made herself available on 12ish to lend an empathetic ear and to help others in that situation know what to expect. We just launched recently and welcome all feedback and questions!
sounds like Clarity. why did you decide to limit it to 12 minutes?
@colinmathews — The concept and execution feels somewhat inspired by Fiverr. Is that your vision for the product? A large, open, and filterable marketplace?