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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 04, 2014
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Pretty sure this one has been posted before but the Makeshift team launched a re-designed and re-focused version as of today. It's super simple to set up and start gauging attendance for your event. Big fan. is awesome. I saw the email this morning, announcing the redesign ( Congrats, @choosenick, @jongold, @stef, & @CBM!
Thanks @rrhoover - we've tried to focus it all down on the features that matter to people doing free events, often to promote something else like their startup. These guys tend to get lost in most events apps, that try to up-sell you into becoming a ticketed event organiser. It's @jasecoop and @stef behind the design BTW.
Thanks for posting us Andy, and thanks for the kind words Ryan. So great to see Producthunt starting out on Linkydink, and now the new Attending starting out on Producthunt is kind of perfect :-) It's been a really fun month working on Attending. I'm open to questions on the thinking behind it!
As you know, @stef, I'm a big Makeshift fan. It's been fun watching you guys build so many beautiful, simple products. How do you decide what to work on next? There must be the continual battle to choose improving an existing product and building something new.