121 Gym

Get the body you want with workouts on your Pebble Watch

Hi, We've just launched the iPhone version of 121Gym. It's a custom workout app with break timer that steps you through your workout in the gym using your Pebble watch. No phone needed. We have a smart popup that shows you instant progress after your workout and helps you plan your next session. We launched the Android version a few months ago and they're loving it. If you have some time, an iPhone/Android and a Pebble Watch, we'd love some feedback! Let us know what you think so we can improve the app. Thanks, Leslie co-founder 121gym.com Longer version... Why another workout app? There's loads of wearables and apps out there that track movement like running, swimming, etc, Very few allow you to set up a custom workout, push it to your phone, step you through the workout on your watch, sync back to the phone and help you plan the next workout. The problem we're trying to solve is to help you focus on the workout, not the watch or app, but at the same time tweak your performance and help you improve in the background. This is the first step to doing that. We're focused on keeping it simple where we can.
@lesliecbarry Congrats on the launch Leslie. Your workout tracking seems strong!
Thanks Mike