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Paul Arterburn
@parterburn · Director of Engineering at Unreasonable
We all heard the news that Google released the dev kit to build out Chromecast apps yesterday so I spent the evening throwing together my first app, which I must say came together as something that's pretty damn useful. You can visit, for example, a TED talk, hit the bookmarklet and it will pull down the MP4 behind the scenes and present it on a layer that'… See more
Corey Gwin
@corey_gwin · PM, SweetLabs, coreygw.in
Take that Plex! :D
Paul Arterburn
@parterburn · Director of Engineering at Unreasonable
Now now, @corey_gwin - Plex is still amazing. Paying customer myself...they made Chromecast actually useable! My little bookmarklet only throws up existing MP4's where Plex transcodes AVI/etc to work as well.
Jason Evanish
@evanish · Founder GetLighthouse.com for managers
Late to the party, but cheers @parterburn Just watched some talks from Vimeo seemlessly. Helps so much given that casting straight from the chrome browser generally has been horrible for me.