108 Proven Split Test Winners

Simple tweaks to make to your website, to make more money!

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The test I'm about to tell you about is my favorite: You will find it here: https://goo.gl/yuwxV5 Russell shows you 2 landing pages. One made a 18% increase in conversion rate but DECREASED sales by over 31%. Just by changing one word on the page. I am a huge fan of the psychology that drives people to take an action. Whether its to opt into a newsletter, buy a product, or even what subject line gets the most opens. But there is a LOT more to it. Most "guru's" stop there and wow you before they try to sell you something. But what you really need to know is which one actually made sales... Just because someone clicks cause you used a certain color or phrase doesn't mean it leads them to buy. In some cases it even hurts your end goal conversion. Today though there is a HUGE amount of clutter being put out by so called "experts" that really know crap because they have never had a product. It's totally bullshit. 99% of them have never sold a real product or ever done anything. Anyway I will cut to the chase. One of the most accomplished info marketers of our time - Russell Brunson who's sold millions and millions of his OWN products has been a friend of mine for years. Get a free copy here: https://goo.gl/yuwxV5