1010! World

The official sequel to the highly addictive puzzle 1010!

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We are very excited to be shared on Product Hunt with our latest game; 1010! World. We wanted to make a sequel to our puzzle game; 1010!. 1010! World is a free puzzle game that we have been working on for the last 8 months. 10 people from our team has worked on developing this game just after our global hit 1010! took off. We decided to experiment 1010!'s gameplay with a different audience and visual taste. We went this direction based on our players' feedback collected through review-mining, social media interactions & direct contacts from our 1010! Fans all over the world. We know that this is only the beginning for this product. We want to explore possibilities by investing in this game for the next 12-18 months. We are happy to hear your thoughts & feedbacks on the game.
@mecevit Congrats on the launch! Wanted to know if you guys have plans for a color-blind mode that differentiates the blocks beyond just their color?
@russfrushtick @mecevit Thanks for your comment. To be honest, that wasn't something we thought of before since the colors of the blocks does not make a difference, only completing lines with whatever shape you have. But, now that you have said it we might think of something more colorblind-friendly in future updates!
Hi everyone, here's the sequel to the highly addictive puzzle 1010! by my friends at Gram Games.
@emrecolako Hi Emre! Thank you very much for the hunt :)
@mecevit Congrats on the launch!