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100AM is event netwoking app: discover other attendees, exchange contacts and get all info about events: news & updates, schedule & speakers. https://100am.co

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"100AM is the platform for Digital Business Cards and networking. The app connects professionals through digital business cards that are customizable and always up-to-date. Always Up-to-Date Contact Information No longer worry about printing hundreds of business cards only to throw them away, when titles or contact information changes. 100AM ensures that your rolodex of contacts is always up-to-date as all contact information is automatically updated when titles, positions, and contact information are changed by your contacts. Updates to the “About Me” field can also be used to share personal or company announcements as a notification is sent to each contact whenever a change is made. Customizable Design and Animated Visual Components Designed to fit your style and profession, the digital business cards can be created using 100AM’s design templates, or with a custom design, and can include photos, GIFs, or video components. Various Card Sharing Cards can be shared via text/SMS, Bluetooth, geolocation, email, and through various instant messenger applications. Similar to Facebook’s recommendations feature, 100AM will also offer contact recommendations through artificial intelligence (AI), further expanding your network of contacts. The app also offers a print-to-digital feature via which OCR Technology is used to scan a printed business card and upload the information to the digital format—this feature makes it easy to store contact information and connect with others even if they don’t have the 100AM app. + Built in Chat Business Ecosystem Solutions Our goal with 100AM is to make networking and connecting with contacts as efficient and easy as possible. While individuals can make personal business cards, companies and organizations can create a corporate design for their employees. This is great option for businesses that participate in numerous tradeshows and conferences, as the digital cards are endless. Companies can also manage the cards of their employees, ensuring all titles and updates are properly communicated.”
@georgemikaberydze This seems to be a repeating model. The up-to-date digital business cards. There are several businesses who are doing this. How will you compete? What is Unique?
@hakosam Hi Sam, thanks for the very good question! If you change jobs, phone numbers, or just update your info, friends, colleagues and business partners will automatically receive an update. As a result, the all your contacts will always and instantly be correct and up-to-date-to the-minute.
@georgemikaberydze @hakosam we understand the offering. But what makes your product different from other services in this field?
@andreasduess @hakosam We have three distinguished features: 1) 100AM gives possibility to have up-to-date information not only about the person's contact details but also information about the company: for example if you update any branded information on the card, all who has your card, receive update, i.e. it's a communication tool for business with business partners and consumers. 2) you can insert for example 15' commercial of your product on your Live card and for example. update it every month, 3) solutions for companies and working groups: For example, if the employee lives the company all contact he obtained during the period of work, stay in the company. Or you can create a virtual group of contacts, for example, Alumnus of the university. and there are more features which make 100AM different from the others
I love the core concept and the UX/UI is lovely - truly. That said, I'm a little wary of notifications being sent to all of my contacts receiving notifications of these changes. What level of user control is given when it comes to controlling how many notifications go out, how frequently, and to which groups? In example - say I change jobs - so, my company, title, and email change. There's at least one notification. If I've moved to another city for this job, my address might change - is this another notification? What if I then change my phone # to the local area code? Again, I love the concept... if the right controls are in place, I'd definitely use it. I'm just acutely aware of the sheer volume of pings that I receive on my phone on a day-to-day basis, and am wary of inflicting overload on others. :)
@seymourgroup Hi Graham, Thank for the very good question and comment! For the moment you can switch off the specific type of notifications (card update, card replacement, group notifications, corporate notifications, requests for exchange) in the settings of the app. We perfectly understand that we need to find the balance in terms number of notifications, which give value to consumers and not bother consumers. Now we are working on grouping some updates in order to reduce the number of updates when one person update several fields at a time.
But you can't emboss digital business cards 😥 Also, every time I've exchanged my details I have always received or sent an email or phone confirmation and will update them personally if things change, of which my email has never and will never change and we all know phone numbers change so there isn't actually any unnecessary hassle nor missed contacts. It's a neat idea, but I don't see it being practical even though on paper it is more practical - generally people don't want to use a 3rd party service to see contact information, why not just share a linkedin, facebook or twitter on a physical business card? If someone sent me a digital business card (and I could use the app on my phone), I would be less likely to reach out to them because I find going through sorted physical cards easier than digital ones and there is bias on how good someone's business card is - if someone handed me a tasteful embossed and shiny business card and someone gave me a digital one with paid options, they're both wanting the same position then physical wins by a mile. Make it completely free, make it for all platforms and I don't know if you do it already but scan a QR code to get the business card and allow the user to write lots - so businesses can put a QR code in their window and regular people will get the app and can scan it, get the card and save to their contacts. Also from what I've seen the cards are fairly bland, most cards are not photograph based (I've received none and don't feel it is necessary as it's pretty easy to judge a photo for small details). I assume this is in "early access" but so far it looks neat, I am interested in what this turns into.
@koya_io Hi Koya! You can emboss the digital card with digital possibilities: video, gif, parallax effects of the Iphone, etc. If you have a possibility to access to up-to-date contact of you fellow students, will it be valuable to you? People change their phones, place of work, work emails, so our objective is: people won't loose the contacts they obtained before because we never know when we will need this or that contact. I have more than two thousand of paper business cards and it takes time to find a proper contact. Now with 100AM app it takes me few seconds. 100AM app is for 99% free: you can create Live card, corporate account, exchange cards, store cards, etc and all this is for free. We sell some designed templates and some of them are really popular. Altogether it took me ~3 months to switch completely from paper cards to Live card and stop using phone address book. thanks again for your comments!
All technical questions can be addressed to me.
How I can exchange Live Cards with non-users of 100AM?
@iamthevoid we have two solutions for this case: 1: Print2Digital. Scan the other person's paper business card. 2: Share your card with other non users of 100AM by SMS/text message, email, and instant messangers