1000 Gradient Minimal Icons

A gigantic icon pack that works with gradient designs

#2 Product of the DayAugust 26, 2018

This is a pack of 1000+ Gradient icons, you can easily use it to add a trendy nice clean feel to your websites and apps. We created this pack after a lot of users asked for icons that works well with our famous Gradient Scene Illustrations:


So here you go, there's a 100 free icons to try ;)

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I'm more of a flat icon type of guy single color, but I can see the appeal. Have you guys listed your product on Envato yet? Think that will help you get a few more sales.
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@livecoinwatchmb am glad you like em :) yeah we will be listin all our products on envato elements during the next 2 months. It takes a lot of work to prepare them
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Awesome job on the designs and look & feel of the icons. It seems like 2018 is the year of gradient colours :) These gradient icons can be really great on subtle backgrounds too. They give a futuristic view. Looking forward to seeing more gradient techniques incorporated within web-design layouts.
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@owenfar1 thanks a lot am really glad to hear that ;) we’re working on a big thing soon to be released, stay tuned!
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Love these icons. This blue/orange gradient style is definitely the trend right now. These look sharp. Definitely looking into these for my current project's marketing material.
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@dave_poly thanks :) i’m reall Happy to hear that! This is exactly why we made them ;)
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They came out really nice Ramy!
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As a celebration with the release of this new pack, here you go guys a 20% coupon code for all Roundicons products including the entire 37,000 icons bundle! coupon code: PRODUCTHUNT20
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