1000 Detailed Creative Icons

Carefully designed icons with tons of fine details

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 03, 2019

This pack is made to impress, each icon is made with high complexity and beautiful shading details that stands out. We focused here at creating pictographs that deliver more meaning than a simple icon would do.

We currently have 1000 icons available and nice free set of 30 icons to try out.

working on adding more icons in the next few days ;)

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3 Reviews5.0/5
We really worked hard to produce icons that can work also as a standalone illustrations, the entire UI market now is switching to Illustrations rather than images .. you can see that in any big brand you are following. Imagine having 1000s of mini illustrations that you can use right out of the box or with a very small modification... that's our pack :)
I'm going to use some of your work! Congrats!
@albert_evoig Thanks a lot! Please do share your work with us, would love o see how you use them :D
Amazing lookin', upvoting for later use. Would be great to include food & drinks, hobbies and professions in a hypothetical second pack. ;)
A huge thank you!!
@vardankarapetyan You are most welcome :) Glad you like them!
Really professional icon collection
@csaba_kissi Really happy to hear that :)