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I'm the author and I'm happy to take your questions, very very happy
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@sarahcpr Whats the "Comedy" to "Actually-Helpful" Ratio of the book?
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@gopietz It contains some hilarious advice that you might just want to take, but probably not. But maybe.
@sarahcpr haha, alright. loved your "10 tricks" article. i have to try not to laugh whenever somebody wants to go back a slide. that makes me realize: you ruined me for meetings, Sarah. way to go.
@gopietz This is one of the kindest things anyone's said, thank you
@sarahcpr 10 / 10 works. Will read again. Will you be starting a series or has that already been done?
Sarah is a legend. Read everything she does. Not Hyperbole.
Funny because it's true. Too true. The author Sarah Cooper is a mad-woman (and a genius). She wrote "10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings" with 5+ million views and now this. It's madness (and makes me laugh tears). Check it out. You'll learn how to appear smart in less than half the time it takes to actually learn anything. Plus, it makes the perfect gift for coworkers (the ones you like anyways). I use a lot of parentheses don't I?
@writerpollock Thanks! Tears are good!
I just wanted to say that this book changed my life. I've used all 100 tricks and I am now the CTO of a well funded startup. Without this book I'd be cutting out the business cards of other CTOs at FedEx still. Thank you Sarah Cooper!
@oscargodson Define "well funded"
@sarahcpr Investors love these tricks. If I do a handful of these investors will just give you money. They offer 500K I say "will it scale" and they will talk about how we need more money to scale, they offer a million, repeat. Life changer.
If the other 90 are as good as the first 10, I might have to grab a copy! Will it be in stores?
@daveometer Yes! It will be in stores