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by Ben Tossell (No-coder 👉

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I've recently discovered Sarah's work through her website. Simply hillarious! Saw this one in my notifications, came here to share the love! :)
I've been using Sarah's expert advice during meetings by asking "will it scale (no matter what it is)" and i've been able to get consistent head nods and a product manager did "person raising both hands in celebration" during several key meetings. 'Boss Guy' said he's impressed - things are looking up... hockey stick up! 🙌
@helloduane Brilliant! Thank you for posting!!
@sarahcpr anytime - (smiling cat face with heart-shaped eyes) to you! I feel like you should come to Sacramento and do a book tour / talk and present to our incubator cohort... would be (Rocket) (Clapping hands sign)
@helloduane would love to smiley face
This is awesome, I definitely think preparing is the best way to sound smart. But sometimes you are forced to rely on your instincts and I could see this book helping with that!
I got an early copy of this book and it is—just as fans of Sarah might expect—fantastic.