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Very cool Chrome extension! P.S. I turned the nice demo video into a GIF ✨
This is excellent. Would love to have an integration with Goodreads.com where you could add a book to your bookshelves.
Brilliant. Thanks for adding the feature!
Hi folks, creator here. Totally wasn't expecting this thing to get so much attention. Big shout-out to @evivz for hunting this! I'll check in here periodically.
@m52go digging it! how many books have you added snippets for so far, please?
Wow -this is pretty much the dream
We did a similar project last year for book reviews from the San Francisco Book Review and other brands. https://chrome.google.com/websto... I think one of the major parts of book discovery is serendipity. If you don't browse bookshelves in a library or bookstore, you're only likely to see recommendations from algorithms or friends. But how do you just find a new cool thing by accident.