100 Hours Project

A simple offline way to keep yourself accountable

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Buy a card, choose an activity you love to do, post the card somewhere visible, and mark off each time you spend an hour on the activity. Reminds me a bit of Jerry Seinfeld's calendar X's.
@nayafia I like that Seinfeld has become known for that calendar X'ing method. It really is smart, though. This looks smart.
@thetylerhayes @nayafia yep. Called 'don't break the chain' I believe
Fantastic, ordered 2. I'm learning some new skills and this card is going to sit right where I do my "100 hours." I may or may not be a sucker for letterpress goods.
Would have loved to try this out when I was in Canada, but being in Asia, it is much faster to just make one for myself. I really like the simplicity of this and think they would make great gifts.
Am a bad person for just making my own over ordering one?
@matthew_spear Not at all. Do it! We just want people to do more of what they love and try recording it and checking it off. It ends up making it about the process and becomes kind of addictive.