100 Dollar Bot Club is on demand chatbot service for just $100 per chatbot. Expert chatbot developers removes the hassle of "building the chatbot yourself" out of your way.

I see a carrd.co website 😃 I was thinking of doing something similar with chatbots for X (when I built Bot Tossell) I'll be intrigued to see how this goes, how difficult clients become and if it takes off! Keep us updated
@bentossell Shhhh! You are the motivation behind this. I put up this site in 2 hours :) And here I am featured on PH. :)
Hello Product Hunt We are launching our on-demand chatbot building services because we believe not-everyone has got time to build a chatbot using the self-service platforms. So we are aiming to take this hassle out from the life of busy people and giving us the service to build the chatbot in just $100. Thanks
@usamanoman Wow, how do you keep the costs so low?
@abadesi We are the same team behind Botsify.com, we have been building custom chatbots for our several customers who were facing difficulties in building chatbots. So we thought why not start charging for that? And the minimum amount we could think of was $100. Because we have become bot expert overtime after having built so many chatbots for our customers.
It’s a good idea but these bots are only for Facebook. Can be built on chatfuel for free.
@i_dino Yes but not everyone has got time to learn the platform and build :)
I’m excited about this. Love these productized services.
Wow! Looks great. What information should I provide to have a marketing chat bot?
@sameerpeace Just fill in the basic information like your website, your competitors, and we are mindful enough to observe such information and put together a good chatbot usecase for your business.