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100 Days of Swift: The Tutorials is a video course where you learn Swift by building cool projects. To begin, you’ll learn the essentials of how to use Xcode, Code Snippet Library and iOS Simulator. Each project that follows focuses on fundamental programming concepts. The first coding project will answer questions like: 1. How do I structure my code? 2. Why write a function? 3. What’s the use case of a variable? 4. How do I detect when a user taps a button? 5. How do I build a user interface? After learning the basics, we progress to learn more advance concepts like Model-View-Controller Pattern, debugging error messages, how to use different iOS Frameworks, how to build adaptive user interfaces, how to use Apple’s Documentation, how to use Core Animation and more. By completing this course, you’ll gain a solid foundation in Swift, Programming Concepts, and iOS Development. To learn more about this, read my article on Medium: https://medium.com/@samvlu/100-d...
I purchased the course yesterday, excited to learn!
@mikehlee_ $59... hmmm. Wonder how this will compare to Swift Playground.
@chrismessina I'm curious as well, what interested me the most with 100 Days of Swift is that to me it was a direct jump start into creating UI specific interactions using Swift (I currently prototype in Framer or Flinto for Mac) Swift Playground to me seems more of learning Swift via games and other activities to learn the foundation of Swift, and I figure it won't touch directly on helping me build common UI interactions, I could be wrong though, either way I can't wait until Swift Playground comes out, looks awesome.
@chrismessina @mikehlee_ I agree with you, but Swift Playground will be only available on iPad. 😰
@chrismessina @mikehlee_ Wonder how this will compare to @Udacity's free iOS Developer classes...
@chrismessina a little late on the review, but I think the course is fantastic, I think Sam's a great instructor and all the videos are very detailed and have step by step instructions to build cool projects, thanks @samvlu Swift Playground is more of a fun and interactive way to learn Swift so I think it's hard to compare, since you are actually using Xcode in Sam's course