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Proven ways to grow your business fast (eBook)

#5 Product of the WeekJanuary 21, 2015
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Always sceptical of these type of (e)Books - if there existed secret, widely applicable tips then they would be widely known and therefore not so secret. However, after scanning through the preview, this does appear to be significantly better than others due to the actionable tips and helpful links. Good job!
Sound cool. Should be added a preview of the book of a few pages..
@ilbedussa Here's a preview of the first 26 tactics http://sujanpatel.com/wp-content...
Was interested in this, and thought it might be useful to document my path to where I am now: Read the post by Bram - interested so click through to the website See that it's a product for sale, so need more convincing to buy it Follow the link to the preview, but you have to share something on social media. Decide to abandon Notice the link by Sujan to the preview - just what I was looking for Skip through the preview, now convinced that it's worth the investment. Click the link to buy, and asked to submit credit card details through a modal that popped up. No way to tell if this is secure - or where the posted details will go to, so end up not buying because it's not worth the risk to my card.
@dotcomdude Pretty sure its a gumroad modal so nothing to fear on security.
@FrankDenbow yes it seems you're right, thanks!
@FrankDenbow @dotcomdude but the point still remains....
@FrankDenbow @clogish if payment was handled through PayPal would that make it more trustworthy?
@sujanpatel I'm not sure whether it's the Gum Road vs Paypal argument here, more the 'understanding what's happening' interaction experience.
Amaazing writeup @bramk. Great work @sujanpatel
Since these books are becoming increasingly common on producthunt, and since the writers have a track record of producing great content, I would love to learn more about the larger strategy this book fits in for the writers. Is this lead gen for building a larger audience?
@jasonhitchcock @robwormely and I made this e-book for a few reasons: 1. We were bored during the holidays 2. To build our personal brands & build relationships with other marketers/entrepreneurs 3. Figure out how to properly launch ebooks & info products. I now know ~15 ways to promote a ebooks and a few dozen ways how not to. 3b. We plan to launch a series of ebooks & guides (for lead gen purposes) for our day jobs at wheniwork.com Here's an example: http://wheniwork.com/ebook (landing page isn't final) 4. Help people with actionable tips I've actually used 5. Get my hands dirty. More details here: Hope that helps answer your question