100,000 Faces

Free resource of 100k diverse faces generated by AI

#2 Product of the MonthSeptember 2019
We are happy to share with you a massive free resource of 100k faces, generated from scratch using AI.
This project showcases a glimpse into the technology we are building to create media on-demand.
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Hey PH, we are really excited to give you a look at our upcoming tech. We have put together a free resource of 100k faces for you to use however you wish. But these aren't just normal faces. These images were produced completely by our artificial intelligence — none of these people are real! We are currently working hard to train and refine our generative models toward our ultimate goal: creating a simple API that can produce infinite diversity. We are iterating fast, but things aren’t perfect quite yet. When you see a face that is a bit ‘off’, just give it some slack. 😅 We also know that the future can be unnerving at times. That is why we went above and beyond to assure personal safety in our systems. All of our training data was shot in-house and is fully model released. No images were pulled from stock media or scraped from the internet. This requires thousands of hours of labor, but in the end we know it will be worth it! These faces feature: - Consistent lighting - Consistent sizing - Range of angles, positions - Range of facial expressions - Wide variety of ethnicities - All ages - All face shapes Have your next mockup, presentation or website looking great with these fresh faces. Everything is free for non-commercial use as long as you include link attribution back to https://generated.photos, so that more people can find us. Have fun and let us know what you make!
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@zzzhabinskiy hey hey hey. This is awesome. Finally won't need that copyright stuff. Very cool and congrats to you. How has your launch been going?
Hey @drew_dunn1, thanks a lot! The launch has just started so it seems to be a bit early to strike any balance.
@zzzhabinskiy Hi, I could help you guys implement the APIs, hit me up :)
@zzzhabinskiy can I download your photos and use it on my app to let people get a taste of this? I don't mind crediting it to your team. Please let me know. Thanks.
@gainingam_phaomei It'd be glad to the team! 🙌 Sure you could use it, but with a backlink. I already have asked about links in different thread, so here you go: "If you plan to use photo on your website, set a link to Generated Photos on all pages where you use our content. If you use it on most pages, a link in your footer is fine. Desktop and Mobile apps should have a link in the About dialog or Settings. Also, please credit our work in your App Store or Google Play description (something like "Photos by Generated Photos" is fine)."
Hey @ikalimullin @pavel_malay @zzzhabinskiy @visualpharm I made a simple API. This URL gives you a random image https://100k-faces.glitch.me/ran... And this one just a random image URL as JSON https://100k-faces.glitch.me/ran... Here's the demo https://100k-faces.glitch.me/ Here's the source code https://github.com/ozgrozer/100k... And here's the Product Hunt example
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@ikalimullin @pavel_malay @zzzhabinskiy @ozgrozer this is awesome! I'm adding it to the top bar with all the news and publications.
@ikalimullin @pavel_malay @zzzhabinskiy @ozgrozer for some reason, it doesn't work though
Yes. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for 👏 Wanna share with us what are the next projects/tools you’re working on?
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@hypervillain an AI model agency. You'd be able to 1. Choose an AI model 2. Send us your merchandise: gadgets, clothing, jewelry 3. Receive the photos of it.
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@hypervillain @visualpharm Let me know when you are looking for partners on this. I have several apparel companies I'm involved with. Have been looking for something like this 👍🏼
@hypervillain @visualpharm @ryanwmark Sounds a lot like www.artificialtalent.co I'm the co-founder and a former Ford Model - your problem will be controlling for full body posing which cant be done at present with AI alone. You could simply put the AI face on a real model but that'd defeat most of the cost savings youre trying to keep by avoiding a human asset. AI is excellent for generating novel faces on demand however, only a part of the equation for fashion modeling. Let me know if you want to chat about it, would love to involve you.
@new_user_4aab6f5491 Thank you for the kind words! 🙌
In your face, expensive stock photography! Cheers love the idea
@yash haha, that's what our first target. The industry that robs photographers and washes away 70% to compete on a saturated market — it should go as we know it.
@visualpharm @zzzhabinskiy I hope you make a sketch/figma plugin