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Hey ProductHunters! I’ve been a member of PH for a while and seen and read a lot of books and ebooks on marketing and startups which launched here, I have never read a book which I put to use and actually got tangible results from right away. This ebook, did that for me, I built my own blog to 100K+ revenue following the exact tactics shown in this ebook, so thought I’d share it. Cody Lister, one of the authors of this ebook, made the move to build his business with a blog. He tried everything under the sun to get sales from his site: • He started blogging about anything he could think of, posting articles many times every week. • He cold emailed people 8-10 hours a day. • He tried getting new clients from Google Ads, but had to pay over $100 per click. All these ideas failed to really move the needle in his business. Then something clicked... In 5 months, Cody grew his business from $0 to $216,000 a year. During that time, Cody generated 20,000 subscribers and bootstrapped a top-ranking, Google Partner PPC agency. He received so many leads, he had the freedom to pick-and-choose his dream clients.  A few months later, and Cody is now on track to making $450,000 a year. What changed? Cody built a content marketing system to help people at scale. A content marketing system which was designed to converts into sales. One of the biggest reasons people struggle to get a positive ROI from their content is they fail to get out there and promote their content. If you want to write content to get more traffic, leads, and sales, I highly recommend this ebook. In it, Cody shares some of the BEST content promotion strategies that are working right now, like: 1. Commenter Pre-Outreach, Cody’s most powerful promotion tool to attract 1,000’s of email subscribers and social shares. 2. The “Guest Email” method, which generated over 7,000 email subscribers in one month. 3. “Reverse Guest Blogging,” a 4-step process to get quality content for free. Hope you find this resource as helpful as I have. -Dmitry
@dragilev Dang ... I didn't realize Cody had such an impressive track record!
@iconicontent Yup, he is da man!
@iconicontent thanks for your support, Aaron. 😉 always a pleasure to see you.
Just want to thank everyone for their support of this eBook. I'm blown away by the response we got on PH and can't tell you how much I appreciate all your upvotes and comments. You rock! -Cody
Without having actually read it, I already love how it's structured, especially the "time to implement" in the beginning of each chapter! Knowing @jdquey, I trust it's gold! :)
@ramin @jdquey Thanks, Ramin! Big fan of Steli and Close.io.
@ramin Thank you for the kind words Ramin! Love all the stuff y'all produced at Close.io.
Hey, thanks for the kind words and hunting our product Dmitry! A little about myself...(plus a cool promotion trick at the end :)) I worked for @sujanpatel as his growth strategist and evangelist. During that time, I helped ContentMarketer.io (https://www.producthunt.com/tech... * Increase social traffic by 832% in first 8 months and * Increase overall traffic by 313%. For one client, drove over 22,000 unique visitors to one article and six DA 50+ backlinks (even .edu sites) in the course of a month. Also worked for KlientBoost.com for a bit. From Johnathan Dane, CEO of KB, "we saw an increase in over 20% of inbound client leads that have LTVs of $25K+ in 3 months" Finally, a cool promotion tip that didn't make the book - Know your primary goal of marketing and how that will generate revenue BEFORE you start promoting your content. I've had clients do all kinds of stuff that got them results (pageviews, links, etc), but they failed to see how to turn that into $$$. That, my friend, is key to scaling a business from your content. More info of what else I do here - https://sumome.com/stories/influ... On vacation, but I'll be sure to answer any questions y'all have :)
One of the best ebooks I've ever read.
@sakaneej Thanks, Julian!
@codyblister Yeah man. That thing you guys did in the beginning of each strategy, that was awesome. No one really does that.
@sakaneej Thanks for your kind words Julian!