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A website that lets you get a disposable email account for 10 minutes, and access/reply to emails from the web browser. You can also get an extension if it hasn't been long enough. Great for sign ups that require validation and/or avoiding spam. (I'm not sure if this is "new" - but I'd never seen it before & it hadn't been posted. @rrhoover if I somehow just missed the boat, feel free to delete this).
Nice hunt. I've seen similar services like this. WRT the types of products encouraged on Product Hunt, the goal is to surface useful/fun/interesting products, with an emphasis on the new but sometimes older, "undiscovered" products get just as much love. P.S. we're constantly working on updates to the ranking algo and other changes to help surface the best stuff.
I used similar services for years but recently, I ended up using http://bugmenot.com/ and use fake accounts that are already created. Hope you'll find this useful! :)