10% Happier

Meditation for fidgety skeptics!

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I'm a huge fan of this app, and the book is was based on: http://www.amazon.com/10-Happier... I did the two week meditation course and stuck with it. It's not easy, but it did make a huge difference in how I relate to the world (and my own emotions).
Hey Product Hunt! I'm part of the team at Change Collective, who built this course in partnership with Dan Harris. The two week course features daily video interviews with Dan Harris + Joseph Goldstein, guided audio meditations with Joseph, and a coach who makes sure you stick with it. The course offers a very grounded approach to meditation for first-timers. Happy to answer any questions!
Hey guys - I'm one of the co-founders over at Change. Would love to hear your thoughts on the course! Use coupon code PRODUCTHUNT during web checkout for 20% off.
Looking forward to trying this out. I've had the Calm app for awhile, but use it infrequently and mostly to turn my brain off at night and get some sleep.
@lylemckeany Drowsiness is often an unexpected side-effect :)
Doing it! Onboarding was really nice. It texts you immediately after buying with a link to the app. 1 small bug, when signing up it wouldn't let me autofill credit card # with 1password (didn't recognize it as cc# field).
@mscccc welp - adding this to the backlog.
@robinsongreig Just got the text from my coach. :D. How's this work on the backend? Is that 1st text automated and then responded to by a real person? Is this the 1st class that change collective has done like this?
@mscccc Magic. The 'Welcome to the course' text is automated, but all of the other introductory coaching messages are sent manually from one of our four in-house coaches.
@mscccc Missed the second part of your question. All seven (and counting) of our courses include coaching.