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#4 Product of the DayDecember 02, 2014
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Well done @nathanbarry! There's two things I love about this: 1. This is an $8 product. I think this shows *how small* people can go when they're creating a product. Too often, people try to create something too big (especially for their first product). 2. You shared your whole process. Those little video updates throughout the day really brought the creation process to life. Sometimes people think building products is "magic" (this demystifies it). Now a question: are you planning on sharing your revenue numbers?
@mijustin Thanks Justin! Yep, I'll be sharing revenue numbers on that same page. We just passed $500 in sales.
@mijustin totally agree on #1. I think we're all guilty of dreaming too big at times and that can slow down progress (or impede it completely). Plus, who's to say this $8 product couldn't become a $500 product down the road? That's the beauty of entrepreneurship and creating your own products :)
@mijustin @nathanbarry I love #1. Plan for 'small' is the way to go. I recall Dan Martell (@getmoreclarity) sharing a similar story a few weeks back, at: http://www.danmartell.com/sellin....
This is a brand new design product I created in 24 hours from start to finish. The story is here: http://nathanbarry.com/24hours/
@nathanbarry What level of design skill should one have before starting this course? Is it simple enough to follow along for amateur designers?
Brilliant idea! Loved following the process over the past 24 hours. Now planning my own 24 hours challenge.
This is awesome and it's great to see that @nathanbarry is inspiring others to do the same thing. Creating and launching a profitable product doesn't have to take long!