An incredibly-easy way to learn the basics and fundamentals of bitcoin! I built this because I found myself having the same conversation(s) over and over and over again with my friends and family - so now, I can just send them to a simple course that I wrote myself! Good luck and have fun!

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Hey all! I wanted to share something that I put together for my family and friends since I have ended up having the same conversation(s) over and over and over again. So, I thought I'd put together a simple email course for them! It covers the very basics and fundamentals of bitcoin and should be a easy on-ramp for anyone new to the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and bitcoin space! Lmk if you have any questions!
@8bit I’ve learned so much from since the early days. Everyone should sign up to this course!
@8bit Great initiative, this would of saved me a lot of repetition over Xmas!
@sethlouey Glad to have you part of the community...!
@jay_stansell Thanks Jay!

Well written, easy to consume information on the most beloved cryptocurrency there is and the technology that underpins it, with helpful resource links in every E-mail.


Easy to understand E-mail course that gets you up to speed on BitCoin and Blockchain technology fast!



Thanks Robert! Appreciate that a lot!
I'm sharing this with a few of my family and friends members now. Looking forward to giving it a try!
@benmlevy Thanks ben! this is exactly why I created it!
Looking forward to doing this. Finally something better than me watching random YouTube videos about it. Sharing this with a couple friends that are newbies at it too.
On the page, it took me some time to find the sign-up link. I would recommend to create a sign-up button. I subscribed, let's learn :-)