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10 BLOCK was named a top 10 cutting-edge product by SXSW 2019. 10 BLOCK turns movies & TV shows into bite-size blocks you can discover, binge and share on your phone. You can see what your friends are watching, too. Watch a batch of curated movies free.
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For a hint of what can happen when you get 10 BLOCK...I gave it to someone. Soon she texted. “You gave me crack,” she said. “I can’t stop watching at work.” She’s a trial attorney and was watching Death In Buenos Aires on her phone during breaks at the courthouse. This candy-colored crime thriller won writer/director Natalia Meta a Sur Award — the Argentine Oscars — for best original screenplay and best new film. Inspector Chavez, played by the Mexican actor Demián Bichir who you know, and his handsome rookie partner (Chino Marín), investigate a high-society murder that takes them into the gay bars of 1980s Argentina. My friend didn’t even need to tell me what she was watching. I could see her bingeing right through, because the 10 BLOCK platform is a social network. You can see what your friends are watching, if they want you to. Don’t know this movie? One 10 Block curator calls it “stylish, sophisticated, intimate. The performances make it.” On my home screen I saw the lawyer shared her own mini review right in the app: “Loved it.” If you like the throwback ‘80s, crime thrillers, LGBT stories, or Argentina, and haven’t seen Death In Buenos Aires yet, I invite you to watch it now for free on 10 BLOCK. Available in US app stores only, sorry!
This is the future of streaming. Imagine…. - movie and TV series streaming like Netflix - free 10-minute videos like YouTube - social discovery and conversations like Instagram - reviews and suggestions like Yelp Product Hunters, you’re invited to join our pre-launch Secret Society of early adopters, film lovers, & mobile culture enthusiasts interested in a new way to watch. An early batch of high-quality movies that our curators selected for you are in the app today. You watch for free.
Looking forward to hearing what you think of 10 BLOCK. You can shake the app to share technical observations with us directly via Instabug. Below are some quick poll questions for you. We'd appreciate hearing anything you care to share about these additional questions in the comments area here: - Would you say you’re our demographic (and how would you describe your demo) and if not, who is? - Where would this product fit into your daily routine? - Was there anything you found frustrating about the app? I'll be happy to answer any questions you have for us. Thank you, Product Hunters!
What's more valuable to you?
Seeing what your friends are watching
Viewing in bite-size chunks
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More of your friends on it
More selection of content
Better selection of content
All of the above
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