10,000ft Insights

Shared visualizations of content, ideas, and decisions

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Olen Ronning
Design Manager
Thanks for adding us, @alirtariq! And you nailed it — when we were designing 10kft Insights, we wanted it to be a simple way to collect and organize ideas and content, yet powerful enough to add structure to the creative process. Right now, there are a lot of tools our there to do creative work (think Adobe, etc...), and there are new tools to streamline communication around work (think Slack, etc...). Our team wanted to create a tool that supports and engages everyone in the process and thinking that happens around creative work — something that keeps the “what we’re doing” with “why we’re doing it.” We just launched 10,000ft Insights last week and we’re really excited to share it with the creative community. A couple things to know for anyone who is interested in trying it out: - Your first project is free, forever. - You can organize your content into different groups by dragging Sparks on top of each other, and nest multiple groups within other groups. - There is a gallery of design thinking tools that you can apply to individual groups of Sparks or to the project as a whole. - Every thinking tool generates data that can be visualized with the Decide Tool. This helps facilitate thoughtful discussions and evaluate different outcomes - At every point you can both discuss and also summarize the key insight or decision so that everyone is on the same page Let us know what you guys think!
Ali R. Tariq
Product Designer, Axonify
At first glance, 10k ft Insights looks like a regular Pinterest-like tool for the enterprise. But after watching the video and playing around with it a little, I can see how this could be quite valuable. It has nifty and slick capabilities to quickly gather, organize, share, and visualize your content and ideas. If you're on a team, this could be a great way to have a broader shared understanding of your strategy and analyses so that everyone's on the same page.
Andric ThamProduct + Design @ Revolut Crypto
@_oli Really love this tool! Can’t wait to use it on my next project at a hackathon. I've only got one question, does this work on mobile? I love the idea of a 'spark' but it’s highly unlikely I'll have a computer with me when I am out, which is usually when I have an idea or insight.
Paul ReesMarketing Manager
@astralwave We have a mobile prototype that we are testing in-house right now -- mainly around Spark creation and viewing. Based on feedback we get from users, we'll decide how to prioritize the work to get a release version of it out. Thanks for the feedback, +1 for mobile.