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Tomo Krajina
Tomo KrajinaHunter@puzz · Developer
This app is still in its infancy and I have many ideas on how to improve it... If anyone has any questions/suggestions about this app, feel free to ask.
Elie Hirschfeld
Elie Hirschfeld@hirschfeldelie · Real Estate Developer
I've always wanted to learn another language. This is a great tool to do so.
Vital@kitybijca · UI/UX Designer
Looks not very good (really bad). You need a designer
Tomo Krajina
Tomo KrajinaHunter@puzz · Developer
@kitybijca I know. I'm (just) a developer and usability (not design) is what I tried to get right. Luckily, nobody complained about usability. In fact, all of my first few thousand of users say it is easy to use. Of course, this being an open source projects, and you being a designer -- you are free to contribute :)