1 Second Everyday

A movie that includes every day of the rest of your life

1 Second Everyday is a video diary that makes it easy to take your day-to-day moments and create a meaningful movie of your life. It’s a home for all your notable memories, not just the Insta-worthy.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Anne Therese Krieger
SaaS Customer Success Manager

I absolutely love this app and recommend to everyone


The UX is extremely intuitive. It works well with the iPhones "Live" photo feature. Also, their instagram is great :).


Some days aren't great and remembering them in the 1-second isn't fun -- but luckily there is a delete function :D

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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
B2B SaaS Consultant
"As a writer at a site that covers a lot of startups, I hear the same line a few times a week: 'We just wanted to make something that makes peoples lives better.' 1 Second Everyday actually has made my life better… and it’s done so without really having to do much of anything at all. The idea is just as the name implies: one second of video, every day. One second to represent your days adventures. One second to prove that day happened. At the end of the year — or the week, or the month, or whatever length of time you choose — it compiles all of those fleeting clips into one wonderfully erratic video." - Greg Kumpara, TechCrunch
Harutyun KeshishyanRendering artist
A fascinating idea, which made my life brighter.
I'm in love with this idea and will start my own journal today. Thank you!!
Anthony BoschmanWeb Designer / Developer, Graphic Design
Was really keen to check this app out, but after reading the reviews on the Play store I'll be giving it a miss.