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1 Page Party! (or 1pp) is an easy way to create a single-page website and get it live on the web immediately. It's sort of like the Geocities of 2015. You can add text, images, or embedded YouTube videos, with the ability resize and move things anywhere on the page you'd like. What I love about 1pp is its simplicity. You can get something live and hosted at a permalink in under a minute.
@twahlin Tom I made you a 2002-style splash page for Wallpaper Disco, just in case you needed one: http://1pageparty.com/Hdvu2Ti
@mignano that's one sparkly disco ball 🙌🏻
Hi folks! Just to formally introduce myself. I'm Todd, one of the co-founders of 1pp. We're super excited to share this early build! Dump different types of media. Publish and share right away. I liken it to those old school paper collages we made as kids, but with the power to add whatever you want from the web. It’s the power of old school with new school! So far I’ve used it to cheer up friends, make digital birthday cards, sing along with the lyrics and video to a song, and make a fun splash page for an event. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll make!
Love 1pp! Quick and Dirty. Loads of fun. Great work guys!
I'm one of the advisors to Todd and Peter. I have always loved the idea of fun "disposable" web pages that can be thrown together to share media in a quick and dirty way. I think 1pp can be Geocities for the year 2015. Let us know what features you'd like to see.