1-on-1 Meeting Playbooks

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Each team member is unique—at different places in their career—and thus deserve to be mentored and coached differently.

Playbooks offer unique 1-on-1 meeting questions tailored to all types of employees.

Join the likes of Techstars, Pivotal Labs, Flywheel, Home Chef, and others who are using 1-on-1 Meeting Playbooks to engage their teams today.

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Shay HoweMaker@shayhowe · Co-founder of Lead Honestly
Hello, I’m Shay from Lead Honestly! Recently @darbyfrey1 and I rethought how 1-on-1 meetings should be approached, and today we’re excited to share 1-on-1 Meeting Playbooks. The entire idea—help your team members grow and evolve in their careers by asking them the right question at the right time. We’ve developed different 1-on-1 Meeting Playbooks across an array of topics, each with many relevant questions to help managers coach and mentor their teams. All of which works perfectly with our Lead Honestly 1-on-1 Meeting Assistant. If you’re looking to improve your 1-on-1 meetings, we'd love to have you try us out!
Renji Bijoy@renji_bijoy · CEO/CTO @ Immersed Inc.
Really great product that solves a MASSIVE need!!!
Shay HoweMaker@shayhowe · Co-founder of Lead Honestly
@renji_bijoy Thanks Renji, we've enjoyed having the Immersed team on the product too!
Karthik Vijayakumar@kartvee · Host, The Design Your Thinking Podcast
A much needed product for today!
Sam Walder@samwalder · CEO, Trala: Learn Violin
Exciting product for both sides of the table in 1-on-1s!
Perry Azevedo@perryazevedo · Partner at Prota Ventures
We've been using Lead Honestly since it launched and have found it absolutely killer! I am excited about the new Meeting Playbooks.
Shay HoweMaker@shayhowe · Co-founder of Lead Honestly
Thanks @perryazevedo! The entire Prota team has been incredibly helpful in improving Lead Honestly day by day, which we appreciate.