$1 Feedback

Would you pay $1 to get feedback?

A common problem is that people try to be nice and they don't want to hurt your feelings with their feedback. Harsh feeback can be valuable, would you pay $1 to hear it?
P.s.: They said launch early, let's see how low we can go :)
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Interesting idea but how do I know where the feedback is coming from? Feedback from an audience that's not relevant to me may not prove the most useful. How do you qualify people? What keeps people from trying to to provide as much feedback as possible to earn money vs. providing quality feedback? And the design needs to be upped — right now it looks and feels like some sort of scam site.
@lotus Hey Lotus, we have a new landing page! Do you like it? I hope it feels more professional.
@lotus @jan55477796 Honestly it still looks like a scam site. You should include a privacy policy, cookie policy (assuming your website stores cookies, it probably does), terms and conditions, contact form and maybe some information about who's behind the project...
@lotus Hi Lotus, I've just added the first two review videos. Does this improve the perception of the site for you?
Super interesting, really depends on the feedback quality, I just paid and will make a review ^^
@christophepas Thany you Chrisophe! Your review video is in the making now :)



The idea is OK


But, the side is bad, actually I can easily collect feedback from my customers for free. No need to pay something

Things are a bit confusing. Toaster and Roaster? Why not have the actual title of your service listed anywhere on the site? You are not convincing me to pay even $1 to get feedback. The idea is great, but this is way way too early to start charging. This should have been a simple landing with a coming soon email signup form. You'll need to provide more details and lay down a proper website structure.
@owenfar1 Thanks Owen, I've just included a proper title. Stay tuned for a proper website structure :)
People pay much more than that on usertesting.com
@danirogerc Good to know