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+2 is the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service powered by Cloudflare and no, this is not a joke.

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I’ve always wonder how Google got the IP address and IBM got their
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@chiancheng Boom!
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@chiancheng Anything can be done with $$$
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@bradungar In this case, was held by the non-profit APNIC.
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@etc so I nice non-profit donation was provided to APNIC I guess.
@bradungar According to APNIC, it was done with specific caveats for the purpose of research, and requires ongoing audits. https://blog.apnic.net/2018/04/0...
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Is this legit or will you just replace all images on websites with Nicolas Cage?
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@benjam1n Yes, this is 100% legit.
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I will try it out because I rather trust Cloudflare than Comcast
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How does it compare to opendns.com?
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@hellotom is faster https://www.dnsperf.com/#!dns-re.... Also, if you're concerned about privacy I would recommend using You can see everything logs, https://developers.cloudflare.co...
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