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You don't have to be a blockchain developer to build a decentralized app on the blockchain!
Develop a dapp within a day and incorporate powerful features with just your knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Electric Railway Marketing
    Electric Railway MarketingElectric Railway Marketing

    Bringing Blockchain to the real world. Great team, great product


    For the area it covers, there are no cons

    One of the ICOs that delivered on their promise. Hard work, dedication and a team that works around the clock ensures that this will be THE ERC721 dapp

    Electric Railway Marketing has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Great attention to detail, bug bounties, tested development, and standards compliance.


    Currently, only supporting the Ethereum blockchain.

    The team is constantly delivering useful open source and responsibly tested solidity development tools, making blockchain development accessible to a much broader audience.

    Dan has never used this product.
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Jun Gong
Jun Gong@jun_gong · 🐱 herder & blockchain @Dapp.com 😻
That's some neat product! Good job, guys!
Urban Osvald
Urban OsvaldMaker@urban_osvald
@jun_gong Thanks Jun! There is also a whole tutorial series available to get started even faster, first part can be found here: https://0xcert.org/news/0xcert-f...
Lenka Tušar
Lenka TušarMaker@lenka_tusar
Have you ever wanted to build a decentralized app or have you struggled doing so? We'd love to hear your experience!
Jure Jakomin
Jure Jakomin@jurejakomin · Growth Hacker
If decentralized apps will be the future, then 0xcert is the time machine.
Lenka Tušar
Lenka TušarMaker@lenka_tusar
@jurejakomin haha thanks! Love your predictions! 🤗 In the meantime, check out more on building dapps: https://0xcert.org/news/
Lenka Tušar
Lenka TušarMaker@lenka_tusar
Fellow Product Hunters, great to see you here! 🤗 Our most important product of the past 6 months, the 0xcert Framework is here to inspire the next generation of dapp developers. 0xcert Framework enables simple, fast and secure development of decentralized apps on the blockchain, incorporating some powerful features: - management of ERC-20 fungible tokens (currencies) - management of ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (assets) - atomic operations for their transfer - certification The whole framework is pre-audited, so you don't have to worry about the safety of the code or dapp performance. If you ever developed a dapp from scratch, you know that it can be quite a struggle. And if you have no experience with blockchain development yet, it's almost too difficult to get started. Lucky for you, the Framework requires only your knowledge of JavaScript, Solidity is not a must. 🤗 Check out the 0xcert Framework for building powerful dapps on the blockchain. The first version of the Framework lets you build on the Ethereum blockchain, and soon, the Wanchain integration will be launched. Still have doubts? Reach out to our developers on our Gitter channel and ask everything you need to know for building your next dapp. https://gitter.im/0xcert/framework We're here for and because of the developer community! Many thanks for helping us build it. 🙏
James Morgan
James Morgan@jamesmorgan · Co-founder & Blockchain Engineer
Awesome work guys, really smart framework, code is lovely to read and documentation is great.
Lenka Tušar
Lenka TušarMaker@lenka_tusar
@jamesmorgan thanks a lot! Great to hear it serves you well 🤗 We're eager to know what will you build with it! 👨‍💻