Your ID, degree or house. 0xcert-ified on the blockchain

0xcert is an open-source protocol that translates the existence, authenticity, authorship and ownership of unique digital or real-world assets into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – unique certificates available from the blockchain. It provides a foundation for trustless, certified, non-fungible tokens.

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Very innovative project that will make dApp development possible for all programmers.


Fantastic Dev and Marketing team


Launching first on only Ethereum

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Thanks Emily for your feedback :) Maybe to give a bit more perspective about why we launch on Ethereum first. It is for now the most widely used blockchain, at least for projects and developers. It is more stable as others (EOS?) and has a large developer community. These are all extremely important factors when considering where to start. The good thing is that the whole protocol is actually blockchain agnostic and we will be implementing it also on other blockchains. This will give even more freedom to developers and at the end of the day, provide a larger variety of applications.
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The product is really cool, when you sign up for KYC you get your own KYC token which is reusable for other KYCs and a lot of other cool stuff


Erc721 standard 😊



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Super with team’s 👏
I like it. ERC721 is the BEST!
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@sunrise_fu Thanks Sunrise! :)
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ERC721 tokens going to open up new crypto revolution. Wait for new wave of disruption.
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@adalquardz Thanks adal! We definitely agree, NFTs will change the way we view and use blockchain!
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This team is making some serious steps forward in terms of non-fungibles! Good job! 👏
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@eva_matjaz thank you Eva for your support!