0x Portal

A dApp for user on-boarding, education and DEX discovery.

0x powered decentralized exchanges have collectively facilitated more than $170M of Ethereum token trading volume. However, to achieve mainstream adoption, they must overcome significant UX challenges associated with self-custody and user on-boarding. In comes 0x Portal - a dApp for user on-boarding, education and DEX discovery.

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Easy, step-by-step UI that helps users trade ERC20 tokens through decentralized exchanges. Bringing crypto to the non-technical!


Simple UI


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Hello PH! Here at 0x we've worked hard to enable all the talented teams using the 0x protocol (https://0xproject.com/) to build their apps and businesses, and to create a tokenized world where all value flows freely. After some user research, we realized that user on-boarding was a major hurdle for users getting set up to trade in the 0x ecosystem, so we re-built portal to help. We also noticed that there wasn't a good central location to discover and explore all the projects being built on 0x, which is a pity because they all require the same exact set-up! So we also included an index of some of the most popular projects being built on 0x today. Please go check them out! 💫 Some pro tips for using 0x Portal: - The on-boarding steps will help you set-up and install MetaMask, a browser extension for the decentralized web. - You will need Ethereum to complete the on-boarding flow, but if you change your network to Kovan (doable in MetaMask and other dApp browsers) you can get some test Ethereum from https://0xproject.com/portal/acc... by pressing "REQUEST". - Feel free to use the Wallet to keep track of all your tokens! As usual, all feedback is extremely welcome ❤️Thanks!
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Great job!
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Congrats on launching @chriskalani @tomhschmidt @francescoagosti please tell us more about your vision for 0x Portal?
Hi @abadesi! Yes just commented below!
Went through the process and it's nicely built! I'm not sure people will realise they will be taken away from this page to each relayer's page and they can still use the wallet they just setup to trade. I look forward to v2 where, if I'm not wrong, you guys are removing the need to wrap ETH!
@andupotorac Thank you! Glad you were able to complete on-boarding. Also good feedback - we try to communicate that in the last step of the on-boarding but could do more there. And yes, with v2 and a forwarding contract that we will provide it will be possible to buy ETH tokens with ETH directly (without having to Wrap your ETH). https://blog.0xproject.com/intro...
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@francescoagosti Yep, thanks! Do you guys hire only in San Francisco or plan to expand internationally?
@andupotorac The majority of our employees are in San Francisco and we intend to grow our presence there. We do however have a few engineers working remotely, a couple of which seem to be gravitating towards Berlin. So to answer your question, we mostly hire in SF but make exceptions for great talent (esp if they're in Berlin)
@francescoagosti Alright, thanks Francesco! I'll keep an eye on the Product Design team as it grows. :)