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December 2nd, 2018

And the Makers Festival winners are... πŸŽ‰

Our first-ever Product Hunt Makers Festival has been a celebration of creativity with teams and individuals from all corners of the globe coming together to launch something. Our showcase last week had close to 100 projects across our six themes: social impact, remote workers, voice and audio, health and beauty, inclusion and brain stuff. Makers also built awesome products outside the six categories!

We were so impressed with all of the projects that came out of this year’s Makers Festival. In fact, we're already planning the next one 😏

So without further ado, here are our winners and the runners up in each category:

Social Impact πŸ‘Š

Cultural Fit is a collaborative list of cultural traits that make you love your workplace

Runners Up

Firebusters is a tool that automatically reports fires (as small as a tree!) to pinpoint its exact location

The Incredible League of Makers is a community for people to build and launch things that solve the world's problems

Voice & Audio πŸ—£

What would you choose is an Alexa Skill for the Makers Festival

Runners Up is a music assistant that uses hands-free playback and discovery

Voice Lightshow lets you ask Alexa to start a light show

Health & Beauty πŸ’…

Lab Lyfe is an app that offers guided self-experiments in diet, wellness and lifestyle

Runners Up

Keepin' it feel is a reflection exercise is for understanding your emotions

Therma lets you track symptoms and medication for your loved ones

Inclusion 🌎

Femake provides lots and lots of data on female makers

Runners Up

YC Census is an incomplete census of Y-combinator startup batches

Handsfree.js is a drop-in library to create computer-vision powered handsfree interfaces for the web

Brain Stuff 🧠

Teeny Breaks is a Chrome extension showing you one mindfulness tip based on science every time you open a new tab

Runners Up

21 Days MVP provides a starter kit to create and validate your idea in 21 days or less

Paper List syncs your paper and electronic to-do lists

Remote Workers πŸ’»

Yelling Across Cubicles is like walkie-talkie for remote teams

Runners Up

My Timezone Is makes it super easy to update and share your current timezone

IndieWorkspace shows you the desks of other indie makers

Other πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

200 Words a Day wants to help anyone be a writer, 200 words at a time

Runners Up

Eureka is a web app that allows employees to put forward suggestions within their company

Stomp is a tool that helps you backup your email subscribers from email marketing platforms

Upvote Bell is a dashboard for your Product Hunt projects where you can see a chart with upvote stats

Congratulations to all and thank you to everyone who participated!

All Makers

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