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February 20th, 2022

Two new social apps with very different agendas

Today, we present the most polarizing and least polarizing new apps you’ll read about all week.

Truth Social, former President Donald Trump’s social media app, made its debut in the App Store this Monday, on President’s Day in the United States. The app marks the return of the former US President to social media after being banned from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

The New York Times reported that the official launch of the app has been pushed back to March, while Reuters reported that it may launch today after all. We were able to download the app but ran into an error message when trying to validate an email address so it appears the makers aren't quite ready yet. Regardless, you can see screenshots of the app from beta testing on the launch page.

Looking for a social app that's not so politically-charged? We’ve seen quite a few recently, like Happyō and Alms, which add a positive and IRL spin to social interactions.

And have you met Gabby? The new social media app for dog people got a friendly response from the community over the weekend. Gabby lets you set up doggy dates with other dog people.

“The game-changing feature in this app is the algorithm, which finds you a perfect match for your pup. It not only introduces you to a completely new network, but helps you keep track of everything about your beloved doggy,” wrote Savian Boroancă, who hunted the product.

Gabby also has health features for your best furry friend so you can track things like daily calories intake, weight, calorie burn, vaccinations, and behavioral patterns.

Now, you could say Gabby is polarizing in its own right.

"Do the same about cats"
"Can I add my cat also?"
“Wow I'm going to need this for parrots!!!"
...wrote some contributors.

We’re kitten you, of course. Gabby is new so be sure to share with your dog-loving friends — it's currently available in the US and Armenia. The makers would also “love to hear suggestions, and why not even some constructive criticism, :),” so don't forget to leave your thoughts, too.

To pup playdates

Valentine’s Day may be over, but Official 2.0 is launching today and its mission is to encourage couples to experience new things together and reward healthy habits.

The new version lets couples create shared notes and post memories of their dates – privately or for the community to see and get inspired.

To more intimacy
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This story was contributed to the Product Hunt Blog by Patrick Woods, co-founder and CEO of Orbit.
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