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January 19th, 2022

8 tools to nail SEO this year

For many of us, search engine optimization is an enigma.

First-time founders and marketing professionals alike dig through blogs and hire experts in the field to tell us about problems we never knew existed and keywords that hit just the right spot. The prizes are more traffic and a coveted spot on the first Google results page.

And the first pages of other search engines, too. Although some experts will tell you that the problem isn’t you, it’s your search engine. But we digress.

The all-seeing Google crawlers want what they want. Fortunately, we’ve seen plenty of new launches in this space, many leveraging AI to take the guess out of your work.

Content AI by Rank Math SEO - An AI assistant for creating SEO friendly content
Growth Bar - A GPT-3 tool for finding keywords and writing SEO-optimized content
People Also Search For - A free tool to find keywords your audience is searching for
YouTube Transcripts 2.0 - A Chrome extension that creates optimized YouTube transcripts — right in YouTube
SEOForLunch 2.0 - A once-a-week email curating only the best content about SEO
Free Article Outline Generator - Another AI-powered generator. It creates ready-to-use, optimized outlines for your content
My SEO Sucks Calculator - A link-building calculator to find the price of links across the web
SEO Glossary - 150+ SEO terms to help you deepen your SEO knowledge

To your search assistant

“300+ billion emails are sent every day. How many of them are sent on the blockchain?

Zero. Nada. Zilch.”

Dakiya is bringing email to the blockchain. The platform lets you send messages to anyone with a wallet address, without having to rely on email servers. Everything you send is encrypted using the public keys of the recipient.

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Demonstrating a strong security and compliance posture has increasingly become a prerequisite to doing business across many industries.

A SOC 2 report, for most companies, provides the necessary validation that customers are requiring; but achieving SOC 2 has historically been a time consuming and expensive process.

Secureframe’s platform, through intuitive workflows and automated evidence collection via 1-click integrations, backed by a support team of industry experts; will let you obtain a SOC 2 report in weeks, not months, without requiring a heavy investment of your time or team’s resources.


Maker Sanjeev NC felt creating great memes was challenging. It wasn’t the actual creation process, but rather finding the right meme template. Today, he’s launching a solution. memeDB helps you find and create the right meme by organizing them based on emotions.

“MemeDB lets you find the right meme by scanning for words that you attribute the situation with (e.g anger, sad, authority),” he shared.