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January 17th, 2022

The go-to model: product-led growth

What do we want? Products.
When do we want them? Now.

That’s why “product-led growth” has been the breakout strategy of the last decade. When companies use PLG as their go-to-market strategy, they work on getting their potential customers to use their products straight away through trials and freemium models. Removing friction from that user experience helps get people using products, integrating them into their workspaces, and paying for them faster.

Arcade wants to help with that. The Chrome extension tool enables companies to quickly and easily create product demo flows that can be shared or embedded. It calls the demos “arcades” to emphasize the concept of playing around with the product.

Makers Caroline Clark and Rich Manalang are former Atlassian colleagues (Charlie McGeorge rounds out the founding team), a company well-recognized as a product-led growth pioneer (see Jira and Trello), along with Slack, Zoom, Hubspot, and It’s good company in an exploding market — one that grew from a $1 billion market cap in 2012 to $687 billion in 2020.

The idea behind Arcade seems so simple, but that is the point. Sometimes even a trial or freemium model isn’t enough to win over a customer. For example, getting full use out of a product might require integrating it into your CRM or uploading sensitive data. You, your engineers, legal teams, and so on, often just want to see how it works first. Arcade could enable a sales or marketing rep show you in minutes.

Navattic is another newcomer and competitor we saw launch last year. Like Arcade, the YC-backed startup lets you build, share, and track product demos. Users make a front-end copy of their app and create interactive demos. Storylane, another recent YC alum, launched last year too. Storylane takes the browser extension approach, letting users capture their domains and add a story through “walk-through widgets.”

We also covered Test-Box last year, which takes a customer-led approach to sales. You can think of it as a sister approach to PLG.

And if you’re a company leader that’s not using either of these models, we suggest checking out Wingman’s launch today, an AI-powered mobile wingman for your sales reps.

Demo your product

Spacecadet Ventures recently raised a $10M fund to help pre-seed to series A founders fuel their ideas. Today, Unicorn Hunt launches, the fund’s own retro game. Players can compete to join fellow investors such as and Sriram Krishan of a16z and Austin Rief of Morning Brew.

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