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September 13th, 2021

😺 Come (virtually) party with Product Hunt today!

Tonight in New York City we're gathering (safely) IRL for the first time in over a year!

Bummed, you’re not here? Don’t be — it’s a hybrid event! Join us in our virtual world, complete with lounge rooms for chatting, poolside views, and kitties at every turn.

Tons of fun will be had — we’ll meet the people behind our Product Hunt avatars, talk about the products we’re obsessing over, and you’ll hear from Product Hunt’s CEO Ashley Higgins and HYPER’s Shahed Khan.

The party kicks off at 6:30pm EST. Can’t wait to see you there!


Last week, we wrote about how bootstrapped businesses are getting much-deserved attention. The momentum for bootstrappers kept growing with an announcement yesterday that Intuit is acquiring MailChimp (a bootstrapped, metaphorical hall-of-famer) for $12B.

Our congrats to MailChimp founder Ben Chestnut and team.

You don’t have to have $1B in annual recurring revenue (like MailChimp) to have an acquisition worth celebrating. Tiny Acquisitions launched on Product Hunt today with a goal of helping businesses priced under $5,000 find an exit. Maker Stephen Campbell explained he wanted to create a venture that would enable “...the most frictionless acquisition of creator-made, tiny (indie, no-code) applications, side-projects, productized services, [and] any digital asset(s).”

Seriel maker and Mailman CEO, Mohit Mamoria, has also responded with Maker Fellowship, a 4-week program that gives indie makers a $500 equity-free grant to ship their next project.

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  • Telehealth solutions are tackling stigmas left and right. The latest we've seen is Fella, a virtual clinic for men struggling with obesity.
  • Airtable competitor, Infinity, launched last year and is back with automations.
  • In this browser-based game, players are shown a video and have to guess where it is globally based on the clues.
  • Parade is a new tool that creates a style guide for your business. You can pick the personality you want for your brand and let AI recommend the rest.
  • Make Product Hunt, Twitter, or any other website your dynamic desktop background with this new tool called Plash.