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April 7th, 2021

A Clubhouse competitor you haven’t heard of
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Clubhouse is trying to make a getaway from a growing list of big competitors.

We recently talked about how Twitter, Slack, and LinkedIn are all working on audio features. Then yesterday, news broke that Twitter was reportedly in talks to acquire Clubhouse for $4B. Meanwhile, Facebook launched Hotline into beta testing — their audio experiment that looks like a cross between Instagram Live and Clubhouse with a more formal Q&A and recording features.

Perhaps in a well-timed move to gain loyalty from the creator community early, Clubhouse introduced direct payments this week à la a new partnership with Stripe.

Clubhouse may have its first monetization feature but there have been skeptics. One of the biggest flaws they see — really in social audio in general — is lack of curation.

Yesterday Angle Audio launched and a few early adopters chimed applauding the product’s quality conversations:

“It's one of the best ways to learn and discuss hot topics with experts - gotta love some quality curation AND chit chat...” - Mingle Padegimaite

“... it felt like much more intimate, curated, premium content and people were present... - Nick Ryde

Maker Matthias Strodtkoetter explained that Angle is a social audio app focused on intimate and intentional conversations. Unlike Clubhouse, Angle has no stage and includes text-chat, screen-sharing, and time-capped conversations.

One commenter mentioned she doesn’t see Clubhouse as a competitor and she makes a good point. On one hand, Clubhouse is good for contributors—ideal even for lurkers. Listeners can hear thought leaders dive into topics of interest. On the other hand, Angle is inclusive. You’re not on permanent mute when you enter a room because you’re welcome, perhaps expected, to contribute.

This is Angle’s second launch after rebranding and improving its core features since its beta launch. There’s more to come.

Social audio seems like anyone’s game at this point.
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